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The Living Room Designs Is So Fresh and Green

The living room designs is so fresh and green is very nice, well where a living room is the main room which is very important to us as good design and beautiful as possible. by designing the living room it becomes fresh and green then need a little ornaments of life support such as ornamental flowers, the flowers are truly alive but not as an ornamental flower flowers decorate the living into the living room.


Colorful, Living Room Color Schemes

Colorful, living room color scheme that combines a variety of color combinations with a simple design that has a plus in designing the living room in our house. a simple design with furniture-furniture that is simple but has a cool color to make a living room became beautiful.


Living Room With A Blend Of Black And White Colors

In this room was specifically designed by combining two natural colors, namely black and white, from background up to the furniture using black and white, well really two dominant colors in this room that is black and white in the room is the right combination which will create a natural atmosphere.



design of this room as a meeting room in an office, but the difference this room there is a living room where the design of seating people form letters U line of sight of each other


Simple impressed that the caused of a room. room to greet guests is very simple, but with a transparent glass wall in front and right side, left a comfortable atmosphere to chat, or a relaxed state. with two large paintings on the walls blakang and without any other wall decorations make this room look natural, because the decoration is natural in the landscape caused in transparent glass walls



Usually the living room like this arrangement was made to create the impression of ancient houses, ancient or impress. furnitere clear indeed start from the home base to the wall and made of wood. and forms a seat which is unbelievably simple and classic look


A relaxing under on the family room, simple, and it takes up space narrowing. suited for a minimalist home, or a small house can be arranged or organized as they viewed the images with aksitektur an elegant, simple, and looks ideas to a family room.