A house which is very cool minimalist design is a house located on the beach in the middle east region. This house is very simple design, but with a simple shape, decoration, and the knick-knacks from home is what makes this house very cool ...

Viewed from the front, rear, left and right side of this house has its own uniqueness that is unique in terms of the architecture of a building that is not the shape of a house. from the upper side of this house just looks like the arrangement of the blocks are neatly

There is a very unique design of this house, which is on the roof of one side in the sprinkle of small pebbles to absorb rain water so that rain water can be utilized..

If you see this house we are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery tour of a house that is very very cool ... our eyes are pampered with the architecture of buildings that are very unique and cool ..

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