Residential Stair Lift, Decorating Ideas For Stairs

A residential stair lifts, modern, easy to use and designed to complement existing furniture Stairs decorating ideas for our house. Posted a simple and requires no structural changes to your home. For those of you who are recovering from hip surgery, stroke or just less energy, and mobility problems that can occur as a result of medical conditions and age. may make a stair like this is a very brilliant idea.

Modern design, simple, and has a highly secure control allows the efficiency of this stair is very important in the installation of stair like ini.with upholstery color options, so you can lift this ladder match with your home decor.

To consider the safety of the installation of stair like this then we must consider everything in detail, things that should be taken into consideration:

• Easy access facilities for the landing and unloading activities.
• Provides optimal comfort with a smooth and gradually began to stop, and constant sliding during transit.
• Automatically stops stairlift in the event of obstruction.
• Protection against power outages with an independent power supply, rechargeable battery.
• Controls can be placed on either armrest to reflect whether the user is left or right hand.
• High chairs and footrest can be adjusted for maximum comfort and ease of use.
• Swivel Seat to get off easy. Seats can be spun round to allow you to move comfortably into the top of the stairs. As a supplier of an optional extra we can also offer powered swivel seat.
• Perch Seat. If you prefer to travel in a semi-standing position, while still being supported with a minimum of flexing the hip and knee joints, the chair is the perfect perch.

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  1. Before you even speak stair lift manufacturer or retailer, we suggest that you know who bought a stairlift to talk to people. They ask, they have experienced the benefits and drawbacks, if any. Many well-known companies to contact you so that you can compare their stairlift products and prices. Keep in mind, reliability and security of the key factors.


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