Modular Lighting System Of Plant Roots

Modular lighting system of plant roots is a modular lighting system which is very good, with a creeping form of plant roots and are equipped with small lights each the ends of these roots make a very exotic look for a decoration. This all can not be separated from the main function of the lighting system itself, because it's such a lighting system designed to beautify the room. This is very easy to install can be placed on the floor, walls, this can even be hung all depending on how you want to put where.

With a very simple design gives the perfect effect for lighting in the room. level of security in this highly modular lighting system in priority, because it does not use a high voltage current, but uses a direct current voltage and relatively safer. modular lighting system may be suitable you use in your decor.

Modular Lighting System
Modular Lighting System Of Plant Roots
Modular Lighting System Of Plant Roots 1

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