Decorating ideas classroom kindergarten

 Decorating ideas classroom kindergarten

Classroom kindergarten which is decorated with colored paints, posters and cutouts of letters and animated cartoon character very appealing to children. But according to a study conducted by researchers of Carnegie Mellon University, PittsburghUnited States, decorations on the wall can interfere with children's learning class in his first year at the school.

The researchers said their study is the first to analyze the relationship betweenchildren's learning class with decor. According to researchers at the KINDERGARTENchildren are learning in the classroom that the walls are decorated with berbabagirange of images and color, their views are easily distracted and gaze not on the taskgiven to the teacher. And their test scores tend to be lower than when taught in a room whose decor is relatively simple.

Research published in the Journal Psychological Science on May 21, 2014 is not deduced that KINDERGARTEN children should learn in the classroom is no decoration all. But the researchers urged schools to set standards of class room decor.

"So many things that can affect the values of academic excellence," said Anna v. Fisher, a Professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and the lead author of the study. "Visual environment class is under the direct control of the teacher. They shouldestablish rules about decorations in the classroom, "he said.

According to researchers in the early years of school, children must learn to direct their attention and concentrate on the task. When they grow up, their focus is on the rise. Sixth grade for example, they are highly sensitive to foreign stimuli thanpreschoolers. So that classrooms should be quiet or be free from annoying noises.

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Decorating ideas classroom kindergarten

Idea Decoration classroom kindergarten

Kindergarten Classroom Decoration Design Ideas for Kids Playroom at School
Decorating ideas classroom kindergarten 
Decorating classroom kindergarten

math classroom decorations
Decorating classroom kindergarten


Decorating ideas classroom

Decorating ideas classroom kindergarten

The best Decorating ideas classroom kindergarten

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