Idea design studio recording

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Idea design studio recording
When we are more likely to enjoy music that was recorded in a studio and audio room design reference we should use the parameters – parameters of acoustic recording studio. As we can see in the photo below is the design of the acoustic space in the recording studio.

And when the music we often hear is classical music on record to live here with the natural feel of the room acoustic design audio space reference we can refer to the parameter a parameter – mini concert hall. Example pictures below is a concert hall located at Disney's Los Angeles.

circulating music statistically in the market more than 90% is the sound in the recording studio in the music. And the whole music circulating on the market is the result of edit recording studio.

The conclusion of this paper is any activity and effort that we do on our room to get the tonal balance, sound stage and the dynamics of the music is good then we already are on the right track.

But what if the activities and efforts that we do on the audio room provides the opposite result then we are doing business and activities that are less precise.

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Idea design studio recording
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Design Idea studio recording
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design studio recording
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Idea design recording studio
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design studio recording
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Idea tudio recording studio
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Idea design studio recording
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Idea design studio 
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