Contemporary Home Design All Views Around

Contemporary home design views all around this is a house where the scenery can capture the scenery around like hills, forests and airy pages that surround this house. house with a design like this might be encountered in many rural areas in Iceland are in this area are many beautiful sights in vain if not in use.

Although located in rural areas but this house smoothly exterior design is minimalist, modern and simple exterior design that refers to the modern houses in the middle of the city. other than that for the interior of this house was made a little unique because in part to the left of this house built like a fortress wall made of wooden blocks arranged neatly, where amid the walls given a door made of glass from can see the view outside the home without having to leave the house.

As well as wall wall along the front side, right and rear is made of clear glass can be transparent to see the scenery outside the house, making it easier to enjoy it without having to get out of the house. because the house is designed specifically to meet those needs.

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