Home Design of bamboo structure

Home Design of bamboo structure, is a modern home design that the key element is using the plant stem that has the joints of the bamboo rod. Bamboo is a non-timber forest products to be developed into potential sources of industrial raw materials included in the housing industry. do not be surprised if we see there is a home using bamboo as a key ingredient of the house.

House of bamboo structure is perhaps not as solid as the homes are generally made of concrete, but if we take care and keep it in the best possible course would make this house as solid as the house in general, depending on how the care of our own.

This house is very nice with a simple design and is not inferior to other modern home design. by arranging the bamboo is regularly and neatly formed a wall for a home, arbitrarily material from this house is made almost using bamboo and wood as its main ingredient, with it all these houses can be divided into categories of environmentally friendly homes.

House of bamboo structure includes a very unique home, with easy to find the raw materials of manufacture, and manufacture of bamboo house is not a high price as in the manufacture of the houses in general. making the alternative of interest in the property business at this present moment.

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