Prefab Building Small Modern House

Prefab Building Small Modern House This is a new model that is not the way of making permanent homes, by assembling the parts that might have fit the existing design. prefab building models like these are widely used only for temporary shelter while they are in travel or study in the forest. but the growing development of this kind of house building technology has been made in the main residence.

By a system of this kind of house apart pairs we can lower or we can move anywhere. because it is building a house is not a permanent assembly. so it is easy to take if we want to move, move to an area where we want, with the size, which is in the design a bit small so facilitate the transfer.

Basic materials for the construction of this assembly house is wood, wood why ..? well because the main building materials in housing construction assemblies. and other supporting materials such as aluminum, glass, wood tiles, and almost all the material made of wood. with simple shapes, small and modern house makes this prefab buildings become more practical and economical for all walks of life.

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